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Hand made paper craft for nature lovers

Welcome to Paper Destination, a site where you may find what you are looking for in unique handmade paper lampshades, lanterns and wall art. At Paper Destination, every single item is carefully hand crafted using very basic tools. Processes employed are chosen to have the least detrimental impact on the environment.

Paper Destination products are inspired by nature, many of the lampshades have fluted forms of flowers, or globular shapes of cacti. Wall art items are mostly created from naturally coloured or unbleached pulp with leaf inclusions, and are often reminiscent of the forest floor.

Sustainable, local, handcrafted, nature inspired


The studio

The Paper Destination Studio is an old brick-and-mud-walled, terracotta-tile-roofed house surrounded by fruit trees, jackfruit, mango, guava, rose-apple, mulberry and banana, that provide the raw material for all Paper Destination products. A small workshop associated with it takes care of all the wood-working requirements. Care has been taken to make the activity as eco-friendly as possible. Rain water harvesting supplies most of the water used for retting and washing. Water from the ret tanks is fed to biogas plants, effluent and wash water is used for watering the garden plants. Sawdust and wood chips from the wood workshop is used as mulch. An outdoor wood burning stove fed with scrap wood from the yard is used for boiling the fibre. 

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