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Light Sculptures

Handmade paper from unbeaten fibres extracted from plants often allow light to diffuse through them in very interesting ways. Paper from banana pseudostems, mulberry bark, pineapple leaves, and bamboo has been used to make lampshades that are unique, adding charm and elegance to spaces, and bringing a touch of nature indoors.



Fairy's Wings

Constructed on a mulberry twig with a framework of coconut midribs wrapped in handmade banana paper, this illuminated piece is a one-of-a-kind, totally unique art piece, guaranteed to transform indoor spaces.

Stairway to heaven

Mulberry twigs, a framework of coconut midribs, handmade banana paper from bleached and unbleached fibre, combine to make an amazing luminaire that swirls light making interesting patterns in the room.

A Light in the Woods

Driftwood, twisted vines, hand-plaited string from monstera petiole fibres and handmade paper from unbeaten fibres from weeds create a one-of-a-kind desk lamp that brings the essence of the woods indoors

Light in the Garden

Repurposed wood beam, distressed with age, makes for a post lighting the garden. The lampshade is a wire cage clad in handmade paper made with fibres from the inner bark of mulberry trees.


A mulberry twig, a piece of handmade paper from unbeaten banana fibre, and a tiny battery powered candle combine to make a whimsical torch to brighten a dark corner.

Flower lampshade

What better way to bring the essence of nature indoors than to have a flower bloom in all its splendour! Made of unbeaten fibres from bamboo, various weeds, banana fibres and mulberry fibres paper, the flower lampshades combine beauty with functionality.

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