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With more conventional shapes and sizes, handmade paper lampshades can be customized to suit any space. Given the unique ability to disperse light, paper lampshades serve to suffuse the dullest spaces with warmth and joy. 




Cuboid in shape, with either metal or wooden twig frames, lanterns are versatile shades attractive as pendants or as desk lamps.

Empire shades

A conventional circular empire lampshade charms as a pendant, or teamed with a table  or floor standing lamp base when made of handmade paper due to the special and unique spectral properties of plant fibres used to make paper.

Tube shades

Cylindrical shades add a contemporary feel  and elegance to interior spaces. The handmade paper from either banana fibre or mulberry bark often has inclusions to add interest to the design. Constructed on 3D- printed PLA frames, the shades are laminated on the inside with PVC sheets to lend strength and durability. Attractive singly or in clusters, tube shades are versatile in that they can be used as a pendant or with a table/ floor standing lamp base.

Drum lampshades

Simple cylindrical shades can enliven a dull spot in interiors. When made of handmade  paper, they are interesting and functional.

Jewel lampshade

Mulberry fibre paper enhances the jewel shape of a simple wireframe lampshade.

Hand painted shades

Seasonal motifs on lampshades emphasise the festive spirit and bring home joy and good cheer.

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